The spontaneous photo shoot (behind the scenes)

Recently I was traveling with my girlfriend and ended up in Brasov, Romania for a couple of days. We had lived there for 10 months in 2012-2013 and were lucky enough to meet and get to know many wonderful and creative people. While we were walking around, we ran into a couple of them and went out for a coffee. We started to talk and I mentioned a photo shoot I was preparing to do, and one of them, Veronica mentioned that she was interested in doing a nude shoot. Her boyfriend, Roland jumped in as well. I started to tell them about this idea I had and they were both on-board. We needed a third model and they mentioned they had a friend, Jolieta that would probably be game. My friend, Calin was also there and having just bought new photo/video equipment, he offered to assist and do some behind the scenes material at the shoot. Now we just needed a place to shoot, so we called my good friend Dan Comaniciu who said it would be no problem to use his studio. And just like that, in less than half an hour we had the makings of a photo shoot.

The next morning we got some paint, brushes and headed to the studio. Everything worked beautifully. The models thought the body painting was a lot of fun which set a nice mood. They knew each other very well and they all had some dance/yoga experience so the interplay between them was effortless to say the least. Roland also took charge a few times in helping with the poses which freed me up to really focus on finding the perfect images. It was a pretty demanding shoot but luckily I had the concept solidified in my mind and there was great chemistry between me and the models so things went very smoothly.

I absolutely love it when things come together so perfectly. This shoot would have taken at least a couple of weeks to plan normally as it would have required talent scouting, booking, planning and so on. So here are some behind the scenes shots teasers shot by Calin. Images from the project are coming soon so stay tuned for those.

What I took away from this amazing experience is that you never know when a great opportunity will come up and having some concepts in your back-pocket is key. I tend to be an over-planner so when I come up with ideas for project, I tend to also think about most of the production details. As it turns out, this is a very good thing as you never know when you might do a spontaneous next-day shoot 🙂 

MODELS: Veronica, Roland, Jolieta
Thanks to Dan Comaniciu for letting us play in his awesome studio!

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  1. wise
    May 24, 2015 - Reply

    Great job… very impressive…

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