Insomniac Dreamscape

I am in love with the abstract. My first photographic passion was using a macro lens to photograph the minuscule unseen treasures of the world we casually walk past every day. The two elements of macro photography that truly fascinated me were texture and form. Eventually I discovered the immense possibilities of working with the human figure and began focusing my attention on using the body as a medium. Due to my very meticulous nature I found the studio to be the best place to explore the sculptural nature of the body without the interference (or contextualization) of a recognizable environment. This has been an incredibly wild and creatively rewarding journey throughout the 16 years that have passed since my very first session with the wonderful Daniela Anzil. As I kept pushing myself and experimenting, the work has undergone many transformations with three clear branches emerging in the process:  ‘Flesh & Soul’ – a sculptural and architectural approach, ‘The Human Canvas’ – an abstract, painterly approach and the most recent, ‘Dreamworld’ – a surreal and metaphysical approach.

This past weekend, in the company of the two wonderfully talented models, Jasmine Sundström and Regina Piil I took another step forward by doing my first outdoor nude photo session. The shoot took place during a photo meet-up organized by my friend, the art photographer Thomas Holm in an old industrial area of Copenhagen. I had been coming off a week of insomnia combined with unsettling strange dreams in the brief periods of what felt like floating in a place in between the waking and dream states. Being hazy and low energy is not generally ideal for a photo session (especially when trying something new) but since I already had to cancel a shoot the following day due to poor weather I was determined to go through with it.

We started the day with a short studio shoot and then went on to our location. When we arrived, I instantly fell in love with the massive metal forms that where piled onto each other like the skeletal remains of an ancient iron giant. The rust and weather wear created a stunning abstract landscape just ripe for creative exploration. I felt like I was returning to my roots where I could now combine the human form with my first love: macro photography. In this space I could approach story telling in a different way, more dynamic, richer and more multi-dimensional than before. Still somewhat lethargic from the lack of sleep but at the same time pumped full of the adrenaline brought on by all the creative possibilities I began shooting like a mad man. Completely lost in the flow, and not really being able to see what I was producing (due to the strong glare on the camera screen) I just trusted myself and dove deep.

The full series of the resulting images will be released soon but for now I leave you with a taste of the proof that the experience was not merely an insomnia-induced hallucination:

I would like to once again say a massive THANK YOU to my creative partners and muses, Regina and Jasmine.

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Seeking communications/ PR/marketing intern

Do you love art and want to be an active part of bringing it to the world? This might be the perfect opportunity to do just that! I am currently looking for a marketing and PR intern to help me establish a marketing strategy and begin implementing it.

I’m looking for someone who is passionate about the arts, enthusiastic, self-driven and determined. As part of this internship you will get the opportunity to apply your skills in a real and impactful way that will help you get hands-on experience and make a real difference. You will be working directly with me in my office in the center of Copenhagen.

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Phantasmagoria – Sequence I

Recently I have been shooting small video clips during my photo shoots and have decided to make a series of short films. This is a teaser from the upcoming short film: Phantasmagoria – Sequence I
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When life gives you lemons…

…take pictures of decaying buildings.

I was down at Carlsberg City recently for the annual Copenhagen Photo Festival. As it has been the case in recent years, I was utterly puzzled by the work exhibited. It’s just more of the same-tired-cliche-same/same. There were a couple of curated exhibitions like ‘After my time’ by Joachim Ladefoged and ‘Within the landscape’ by Astrid Kruse Jensen that were nice but otherwise, once again, the offering was quite disappointing. The entire top floor of the old brewery was filled with something that looked like old calendar photos – I honestly felt that I had wasted my time going down.

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The spontaneous photo shoot (behind the scenes)

Recently I was traveling with my girlfriend and ended up in Brasov, Romania for a couple of days. We had lived there for 10 months in 2012-2013 and were lucky enough to meet and get to know many wonderful and creative people. While we were walking around, we ran into a couple of them and went out for a coffee. We started to talk and I mentioned a photo shoot I was preparing to do, and one of them, Veronica mentioned that she was interested in doing a nude shoot. Her boyfriend, Roland jumped in as well. I started to tell them about this idea I had and they were both on-board.

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Model Impressions – Erin Elizabeth

The second article from the “model Impressions” series comes from one of my very first models who I have a wonderful creative relationship with. From our very first shoot we had that almost psychic connection and all of the projects resulting from our collaborations are at the very top of anything I have ever produced. I’ve asked Erin to share some of her insights from our shoot for the Fluid and Form project and here is what she had to say:

I’ve worked with Marius 4 times so far and hope to do so again! Our first shoot was to get to know each other and mainly focused on his Twisted Flesh project, the second was Fluid and Form, the third a “muse” shoot and the last (before he abandoned me for Europe) was a shoot in my home.

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The magic lamp

And now for something completely different!

Today is Irina’s birthday. She is my girlfriend/love of my life and I wanted to give her something really special. She is very creative herself and has a keen eye and a great love of beauty. I know that she is particularly fond of Arabic patterns and design so I wanted to incorporate that into the gift somehow. After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to make an art object that was also practical in some way so that she would interact with it and use it on a regular basis. And so, the magic lamp idea was born.

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New site design

Well, it’s been a long time coming but I finally managed to re-do my website. The main reasons for the re-design (aside from being long overdue) are the fact that I needed a blog, an easier way to update content and I wanted to make it easier to navigate. I wanted to give my work a beautiful new home and I think I managed to do so. Here are a few elements to check out:

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2014 – new year, new beginnings?

Yes and no. The timing sort of worked out that towards the end of 2013 things sort of fell into place and I can finally get started with getting my art back onto my list of main priorities. Although I managed to find a beautiful new studio, do a few exhibitions and photo shoots that I am very proud of, 2013 was a bit slow creatively. I hope I can find more time and energy this year as I would like to spend more time on my art.

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Model Impressions – Christel Stjernebjerg

Photographing people in the nude is an intimate process that asks a lot from anyone that will eventually end up in front of the lens. There is of course the vital element of trust, being able to show that you are a professional person and have the ability to show and explain to others what it is that you create and why. You are asking someone to really put themselves out there and not just that, but to be able to express ideas and emotions physically, take direction and interpret it while in the nude. That being said, I thought it might be interesting for those that follow my work to also get the perspective of the models when it comes to the creative process. The “Model Impressions” series of posts will do just that.

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Time heals all wounds

Last year was my least productive year in terms of shooting. This was mainly due to the fact that I had two major exhibitions to organize and I was also traveling for a big part of the year. When I was in Copenhagen for my second exhibition in October there was one thing I was almost looking forward to more than the exhibition itself – shooting with Christel and Camilla. I had seen a video of these two girls performing together and I was just blown away. They are acrobats, contortionists, gymnasts, dancers, you name it. The idea of shooting with two performers that have ample experience working together was very exciting. We met to talk about the shoot and we decided that since we also wanted to shoot some pole poses it would be best to shoot in their studio. I rented equipment, found a great assistant, Andreas (who had experience with shooting performers), got all the materials necessary, came up with a great set-up, everything was set.

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Why now?

I’ve been using art communities and various social media websites to showcase and promote my art for over 10 years. Some sites are more effective in reaching certain audiences so visibility across the spectrum is key in my opinion. When I first began posting my work online I had explanations, descriptions and sometimes even poems that accompanied the images. As I started to take my art more seriously and began seeking the guidance of people who had much more experience than I did, they all told me to let the images speak for themselves. In time, and by heeding the advice of many a professional, I stopped associating words with my images almost all together.

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