Behind the Scenes on my ‘Midnight’ photo shoot

The ‘Midnight’ series is a project that I have been rolling over in my mind for years. For some reason, it always felt a bit too ambitious production-wise and I always ended up favoring other concepts instead. So one day I actually sat down and worked out the practicalities of what it would take to pull it off and all of a sudden it seemed quite doable. I gathered all the materials I needed, put out a casting call and 9 hours and three buckets of paint later magic had happened.

Here are a few behind the scenes photos and a video shot by Mads Hoppe:

I want to thank my wonderful muses: Winnie Bloch, Lea Abildgaard, Stephie Sorensen, Natalia Ivanova, Nicole Larsen, Sabine H. and my assistants: Mads Hoppe and Anna Sophia Hansen.

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