When life gives you lemons…

…take pictures of decaying buildings.

I was down at Carlsberg City recently for the annual Copenhagen Photo Festival. As it has been the case in recent years, I was utterly puzzled by the work exhibited. It’s just more of the same-tired-cliche-same/same. There were a couple of curated exhibitions like ‘After my time’ by Joachim Ladefoged and ‘Within the landscape’ by Astrid Kruse Jensen that were nice but otherwise, once again, the offering was quite disappointing. The entire top floor of the old brewery was filled with something that looked like old calendar photos – I honestly felt that I had wasted my time going down.

I then headed to the ‘Halmlageret’ building where, once again, being exposed to a poor offering of images, I became fascinated with the building. While it was definitely not an ideal space for the exhibition, it was quite beautiful in itself. It had been quite some time since I did a bit of photography outside of the studio, it rarely happens anymore actually so I took out my trusty phone and started snapping away.

When I left the building, that sense of overwhelming disappointment was replaced with a new-found sense of happiness and achievement. I’ve decided that I will take some models there soon and do some on-location images as the building is just full of wonderful textures and odd natural lighting. For now, here’s a selection of the images I took:


  1. August 1, 2015 - Reply

    Hello Marius, Jerry here… I really like 1, 21 and 24 and the nudes and the video.. Oh yes and the dance was very good…
    Of course I always like anything involving women and paint.. well done…

    • September 1, 2015

      Thanks Jerry! I think you meant to comment another post though as there are no nudes here 🙂

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