Model Info.

If you enjoy my work and would be interested in collaborating with me, I would love to hear from you.

I am looking for models from (or willing to travel to) Copenhagen, Denmark that are willing to do TFDF shoots. You will get digital copies of all images that will be processed from our shoot. I’m seeking both female and male models with a respect and passion for art. I require nude models for my art, so you must be comfortable with nudity in order to work with me (no exceptions).

I ask to meet with all models prior to shooting to get an idea of what the person is like. I like to work with confident and creative people because that really resonates in the type of work that I create.

If you live in/travel to Copenhagen and would like to work with me at some point, please send me a message and I will add you to my database of models that I can easily access when I need someone. Please always include an e-mail address and phone number with your modeling/styling inquiries.

If you are interested in working with me, please send me an e-mail (through the contact page) containing:

– your age (models over 18 only please)
– current hair colour and length
– skin and eye colour
– level of experience (if any)
– an e-mail address and phone number
– a few words about why you wish to model for me
– at least 3 photos of yourself: One head shot and three full body nudes (back, front and side). These do not need to be professional shots, you can take them yourself, as long as they are clear (well focused shots and reasonable light).

This will help me get an idea of what you look like and better understand your interests, as well as get your contact information into my database.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.



+ 1) What is TFDF?

An acronym for “Time for Digital Files” that means the photographer and model both agree to waive standard fees in the interest of producing some great artwork/portfolio work for both parties. Also known as ‘Test Shoots’.

+ 2) What do I get from a TFCD shoot with you?

Under my standard TFDF release I produce 5-10 “best of” images from the shoot – edited, retouched and optimized for 800x 600 pixels at 150dpi. I have a “quality over quantity” approach to my work and feel that 5 or more showcase quality images from a single shoot is a good amount for a portfolio. I do not release the unedited RAW images on CD or any other medium just as most film photographers do not usually release the negatives from a shoot unless prior arrangements are made. If you need more images edited, content sets, or a disc full of images please let me know in advance so we can discuss it.Prints may be obtained from me for a fee. I do not release unedited images and the model should not expect to receive or inspect all of the raw images unless specific arrangements are made in advance.

+ 3) How long does a photo shoot take?

This will vary based on what we are shooting and where we are shooting. If the model is truly inspiring and amazingly easy to work with, I’ve been known to do full-day shoots, with breaks in between of course.

+ 4) I see you have mostly nude work in your portfolio – is that a requirement?

Yes, my art requires nude models, so you must be comfortable with nudity in order to work with me.

+ 5) I do not wish to model nude, can I still work with you?

Not unless I specifically contact you for a project.

+ 6) What do you look for in Models?

I am looking for creative, open-minded people that are comfortable with themselves and feel they might have something to contribute to my work. Since my work tends to vary in theme and style, I don’t really have any “criteria” in place, but I recognize beauty and purpose when I see it.

+ 7) Do I need modeling experience?

No. Many of the models I work with are not professional models and many have had no previous modeling experience. I will work closely with you and guide you on posing and expression and the flow of the set. I work with new models all the time. Shooting is a very collaborative process – I will guide you but it is up to the model to take the feedback and make it their own.

+ 8) I noticed that you use a lot of dancers and acrobats in your work, are these preferred?

I prefer to work with people that are expressive with their bodies. Dancers, acrobats, contortionists, people who practice yoga or martial arts are used to working with their bodies so they make great models for my work. That being said, these skills are by no means required as I have plenty of ideas that do not involve any type of excess physical prowess.

+ 9) Do you provide a Make Up Artist and/or Hair Stylist?

Depending on what we are shooting, please be prepared to do basic hair and makeup on yourself. I don’t normally use stylists for my shoots and I don’t need make-up unless it is built into the conept. If that is the case, I will make all the arrangements prior to our shoot.

+ 10) Do I just show up? Or do we need to meet up first?

I like to meet all of my models prior to doing a shoot and get a sense of who they are and how their personality and energy will affect/contribute to the shoot. It is in neither of our interests to set up a shoot and find out that we can’t work well together. Since the work I do is art or meant to be used in art, I need us to have a good energy between us in order to collaborate and create something extraordinary.

+ 11) How long does it take to get my images back?

I usually try to review and sort through the images within 72 hours – at this time I usually edit and send you one or two of the best of set images. I usually edit the rest of the selected images within a few weeks of the shoot unless there is a prior arrangement or deadline looming. It may take as long as two months depending on my work load. If you have a time dependency please let me know in advance.

+ 12) Who owns the images? Can I use them on my site?

I retain ownership/copyright to the TFDF images I shoot. I can use them to promote my site or portfolio and may use them in print, exhibitions, or however I wish. I grant the model the rights to use the images in their portfolio and/or website and for sellf-promotion/non-commercial uses. If you need to retain the copyrights and ownership and do not want the images used for any use other than your own, my rates are reasonable and I can give you a quote beforehand.No modification or manipulation, including but not limited to cropping, alteration of colors or contrast, removal of watermark(s), and/or addition or subtraction of visual elements is allowed without my express permission. Any other usage, commercial or otherwise, which includes but is not limited to, sale of prints, use as content for internet pay sites, publishing in print media or use as stock material, is prohibited without my express permission. If you need to have images to modify or to use for other purposes, please let me know in advance so we can negotiate a rate.

+ 13) Can I bring an escort to the shoot with me?

This is usually only an issue for a very few female models. I prefer that you come to the shoot alone. In my experience, an escort on set often creates distraction. I need my model’s undivided attention during shoots as it is a very collaborative process with a tight feedback loop. Most of the time you will be alone with me during your shoot. If you are uncomfortable with this please consider shooting with another photographer.

+ 14) Where are you located?

I have a studio in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark. Most of my shoots are done in my studio or at different locations in the city. I am very open to working with models from anywhere in the world as long as they arrange for travel to Copenhagen on their own.

+ 15) I wish to do a private artistic shoot for my own purposes. Do you do commission work?

Absolutely. Please contact me with details and depending on your requests I can give you a cost estimate.


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