Elysian Fields & Celestial Bodies Solo Exhibition

This has been a busy month as I had two big exhibitions opening one after the other in different countries. As soon as I was done with the opening night for my Twisted Flesh exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum in Timisoara, Romania, I had to fly back to Copenhagen and arrange the final preparations for my Elysian Fields & Celestial Bodies Solo Exhibition opening at Galleri Krebsen.

As the opening was set during culture night in Copenhagen we had tons of people come through the gallery which was wonderful. I had many opportunities to have interesting conversations throughout the night.

For my exhibitions, whenever possible, I try to create a multi-faceted experience for the visitors that goes beyond just having the art on the walls. In preparation for this exhibition, I had been collaborating with my good friends, William Smith, a classical music composer and Julia Schmidt, a handstand contortionist to prepare a performance piece for the opening night. It was performed twice to packed crowds of visitors. William also played piano for us in the gallery at different points during the evening which created a wonderful atmosphere.

The musical piece was played by cellist, Moa Karlsson live during the performance. Here is a video recording of the piece:

I want to thank Marietta Bonnet and Thor Wergeland for hosting the exhibition, my partners in crime, Julia, William and Moa for the performances and everyone who came out and made the evening a success.

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