Phantasmagoria – Art Exhibition in Copenhagen

Art photographer Marius Budu brings his ambitious project, Phantasmagoria – Theatre of Dreams – a surreal exploration of our role in dreams to Rhizom gallery in Copenhagen this June. The image series, exhibited from the 9th until the 22nd of June will be shown alongside a short art film by the same name.

Phantasmagoria is a project analyzing the relationship between the dreamer, dreams and the way we bridge our conscious and unconscious awareness of the self. It asks questions about our role in dreams and the role of dreams in our waking life.

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Insomniac Dreamscape

I am in love with the abstract. My first photographic passion was using a macro lens to photograph the minuscule unseen treasures of the world we casually walk past every day. The two elements of macro photography that truly fascinated me were texture and form. Eventually I discovered the immense possibilities of working with the human figure and began focusing my attention on using the body as a medium.

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Exhibiting at The European Festival of Nude Art Photography

This year is shaping up to be very interesting in terms of exhibitions and opportunities for promoting my art. The best news so far was that my series, ‘Phantasmagoria’ was accepted into the 15th edition of The European Festival of Nude Art Photography held in Arles, France. This is the biggest and longest-running festival dedicated to nude art photography in the world and I could not be any happier to be a part of it.

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‘Divergent’ published in ‘The Opera’ Magazine

‘The Opera’ is one of the most beautiful and well curated nude art photography magazines on the market and I have been reading it since it was first launched. I am happy and honored to announce that after sending in my series ‘Divergent’ shot with the wonderful ballerina, Stephanie Sahlgren for consideration, the editor, Mr. Matthias Straub included it in the current issue of the magazine.

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The spontaneous photo shoot (behind the scenes)

Recently I was traveling with my girlfriend and ended up in Brasov, Romania for a couple of days. We had lived there for 10 months in 2012-2013 and were lucky enough to meet and get to know many wonderful and creative people. While we were walking around, we ran into a couple of them and went out for a coffee. We started to talk and I mentioned a photo shoot I was preparing to do, and one of them, Veronica mentioned that she was interested in doing a nude shoot. Her boyfriend, Roland jumped in as well. I started to tell them about this idea I had and they were both on-board.

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Behind the Scenes on my ‘Midnight’ photo shoot

The ‘Midnight’ series is a project that I have been rolling over in my mind for years. For some reason, it always felt a bit too ambitious production-wise and I always ended up favoring other concepts instead. So one day I actually sat down and worked out the practicalities of what it would take to pull it off and all of a sudden it seemed quite doable. I gathered all the materials I needed, put out a casting call and 9 hours and three buckets of paint later magic had happened.

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Time heals all wounds

Last year was my least productive year in terms of shooting. This was mainly due to the fact that I had two major exhibitions to organize and I was also traveling for a big part of the year. When I was in Copenhagen for my second exhibition in October there was one thing I was almost looking forward to more than the exhibition itself – shooting with Christel and Camilla. I had seen a video of these two girls performing together and I was just blown away. They are acrobats, contortionists, gymnasts, dancers, you name it. The idea of shooting with two performers that have ample experience working together was very exciting. We met to talk about the shoot and we decided that since we also wanted to shoot some pole poses it would be best to shoot in their studio. I rented equipment, found a great assistant, Andreas (who had experience with shooting performers), got all the materials necessary, came up with a great set-up, everything was set.

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Elysian Fields & Celestial Bodies Solo Exhibition

This has been a busy month as I had two big exhibitions opening one after the other in different countries. As soon as I was done with the opening night for my Twisted Flesh exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum in Timisoara, Romania, I had to fly back to Copenhagen and arrange the final preparations for my Elysian Fields & Celestial Bodies Solo Exhibition opening at Galleri Krebsen.

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Twisted Flesh – my first Solo Museum Exhibition

Twisted Flesh is a project that I worked on for a period of 6 years. From the conceptual phase to final production this has been an absolutely fantastic and self-enriching process. As this project deals with the relationships we have with our own bodies, I learned a lot about people, their stories, mannerisms, idiosyncrasies, strengths and weaknesses. During the process, I also learned a lot about myself as a person and as an artist. I became more empathetic and open minded towards the experiences of others.

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