2014 – new year, new beginnings?

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Yes and no. The timing sort of worked out that towards the end of 2013 things sort of fell into place and I can finally get started with getting my art back onto my list of main priorities. Although I managed to find a beautiful new studio, do a few exhibitions and photo shoots that I am very proud of, 2013 was a bit slow creatively. I hope I can find more time and energy this year as I would like to spend more time on my art.

A few things I have planned for 2014:
• A new website that will be much more dynamic and frequently updated
• New projects and collaborations with other artists which I am VERY excited to dive into and share with you once they are done
• I am working to expand my list of contacts and start some collaborations with people from a wider range of professions in order to add some unexpected new dimensions to my work
• I have a LOT of unprocessed materials from previous shoots that I’m hoping to find the time to process this year
• I’m considering publishing a digital magazine focusing on fine art nude photography. We’ll see how much time I will have but this is a project I’ve been meaning to start for a while so if I can find a couple of partners, then this could happen
• And last but not least, I hope to shoot more as I have a wonderful new studio space now where I can make some magic happen again.

I wish you all a very Happy, Healthy, Joyous and Creative New Year! Thank you for being alongside me and supporting my work.

Much love!

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