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Phantasmagoria – Sequence I

Recently I have been shooting small video clips during my photo shoots and have decided to make a series of short films. This is a teaser from the upcoming short film: Phantasmagoria – Sequence I
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The print shop experiment

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally happened!

Very often I have people inquiring about print prices and then never hearing back from most of them or getting replies about how the amount is way out of their budget. I am a firm believer that art should be enjoyed by everyone no matter what their financial situation is. As an experiment, I’ve decided to release a selection of images that will be available through my new online SHOP for almost a tenth of the regular prices. The selection that will be available in the shop will be smaller sizes and part of larger editions in order to keep the pricing affordable.

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When life gives you lemons…

…take pictures of decaying buildings.

I was down at Carlsberg City recently for the annual Copenhagen Photo Festival. As it has been the case in recent years, I was utterly puzzled by the work exhibited. It’s just more of the same-tired-cliche-same/same. There were a couple of curated exhibitions like ‘After my time’ by Joachim Ladefoged and ‘Within the landscape’ by Astrid Kruse Jensen that were nice but otherwise, once again, the offering was quite disappointing. The entire top floor of the old brewery was filled with something that looked like old calendar photos – I honestly felt that I had wasted my time going down.

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